App Development


An app allows users to engage with your business in a more intuitive way. You can offer more functionality to your customers with our custom app development service.

App Development is Complex and Lengthy. We Simplify It

Reflekt Vision is an app development agency that takes pride in building highly complex apps. After having worked with a diverse range of technologies and with a wide range of clients, our developers have come together to serve the businesses of the digital age.

We understand that apps have tremendous potential for businesses, whether it be restaurants or hospitals or real estate agents. We help companies of all sizes realize that potential. Instead of complicating the process, we simplify it and help our clients get the mobile and web app they deserve.

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The most crucial step is app development is understanding the needs of the customer. Therefore, we spend a good amount of time mapping the needs of your business. This will help us determine whether to design a native app or cross-platform app. We always make sure we recommend the best possible solutions to our clients.

Our app development team works on the pre-design and creates a workable strategy. This is where we define the objective of each component, create a user persona, and test our assumptions. Our developers also take in the instructions from our clients and incorporate them before developing the app.

In the third step, we start the coding work and start building your app. We follow a lean approach which allows us to learn from our mistakes quickly and correct them. This reduces the delivery time and help us build a better app.

In tandem with designing in the app, we test it. After each iteration, a version of the app is sent to the review team for testing purposes. They make sure the app is working as intended. Concurrently, a version is sent to the client for verification. After the necessary Quality Assurance parameter is achieved, the developers complete the app development project.

The app, once completed, has to be hosted somewhere. Our cloud servers are build for that purpose. We host your app on AWS or Google Cloud servers as per your preference. It is then made available to your users. Even during hosting the app, we test it thoroughly to ensure everything is working as they should. Finally, it is delivered to our clients.

We want to make sure our clients are satisfied with the results. Therefore, we set aside a certain time frame for feedback and making changes. In this time frame, you can use the app at your end and request modifications made to the app. We will also entertainment positive feedback received from customers. So do not worry!


CRO – Conversion Rate Optimisation

Ever used an app that crashes mid way? Or that steals your private information? Rest assured, the apps developed by our team is highly scalable, which means they can handle sudden growth of users.

User Experience Design

The mobile and web apps are also stable and are free of bugs. We test them rigorously to ensure there are no bugs. This improves the user experience and helps you generate more sales and revenue.

JAMstack Website Builds

Lastly, we ensure the apps are safe and secure. We incorporate latest security techniques like source code encryption and two-factor authentication to make the apps harder to crack. Thus, your customers are their data will always be protected no matter what.